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Brooklyn, NY

Alex Kotch

Independent investigative journalist focused on money in politics, education and the environment.


The Koch Brothers Are Using This State as Their Right-Wing Laboratory

The state of Arizona will shell out at least $5 million per year to free-market academic centers established with funding from billionaire industrialist and Republican political donor Charles Koch at two of its public universities. Part of a series of budget bills that passed the Republican-dominated state House and Senate, the funding decision met the ire of professors and students concerned that the state had earmarked funds for ideological centers tied to big business and a partisan political figure.
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The Kochs are brainwashing us: Inside the billionaire industrialists’ chilling economics curriculum

In recent years, student activists and investigative journalists have exposed another of Charles Koch’s hats: mega-donor to hundreds of colleges and universities, often funding free-market-focused academic centers housed at public and private schools alike. One Koch-funded program is advocating cutthroat economics to grade school students, even sacrificing lives for profits. Link to Story

Charles Koch gave $90 million to influence higher ed in the South

The foundation funds academic programs, professorships, scholarships, conferences, lecture series and economics centers, all for the purpose of promoting the free-market agenda embraced by Koch and his brother David. The chancellor has come out in support, and on Dec. 4 the school's trustees will vote on the fate of the Center for the Study of Free Enterprise, which would launch with $2 million from the Charles Koch Foundation over five years and $1.4 million from the university.
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Proceed with caution: Lessons from New Orleans' charter school takeover

Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans did something unprecedented: The local school system fired all of its teachers and staff and converted almost all of its schools to charters. Last fall, 92 percent of the public schools in New Orleans were charters, which are publicly funded but independently managed and subject to less oversight than traditional public schools.
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Alex Kotch

I’m an independent investigative journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. My stories about money in politics, the environment and education have appeared at AlterNet, DeSmogBlog, Salon, The American Prospect,, Truthout, Truthdig, Raw Story, National Memo, Facing South, EcoWatch, Vocativ and The Brooklyn Rail.

I've made TV and radio appearances on The Big Picture, The Thom Hartmann Program, The Real News Network, Time Warner Cable News and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

My research and reporting have been featured in The New York Times, Esquire, The Atlantic, National Journal, Salon, Jacobin, Media Matters, Harvard Political Review, The Raleigh News & Observer, Triangle Business Journal, The Charlotte Observer, Greensboro News & Record, and the Wilmington Star-News, among others publications.

I have a Bachelor's in music from Brown University and a Masters and PhD in music composition from Duke University. I'm an active producer and DJ of electronic dance music.



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